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2-1 Thursday! One Prop for This Week

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2-1 with the NFL props on Thursday.

Should have been 3-0. DK needed just 25 more yards, and was targeted 9 times in that game. Alas, Ward was ON FIRE in that game and DK was completely in his back pocket.

I legitimately didn’t even know there was NFL on Friday. Went for a haircut and the barber had the game on and I was like WTF. That shows just how all over the place I have been lately.

I’ve got one more trip – this Monday until the following Tuesday – and then nothing until March. I’m so pumped to get back into a nice boring routine. I’ll get the NHL over 2.5 system back here, get soccer going again, can’t wait.

Alas this trip means I am probably going to miss out on NFL again next week, as well as soccer etc. So just a heads up on that.

Right. Let’s look at this weeks props.

One play I was really on the fence about was Olave Over 69.5 receiving yards. I figure Carr is going to throw a lot against this secondary, and with Thomas out that could be huge for him. Plus even with Thomas in, we’ve seen Olave go over that a few times this year. Buuuut with Thomas out, Olave is going to be getting a lot more attention from the defence. Plus this is also a team where you’ll want to run the ball against too – so yeah, too risky. But I spent awhile analyzing that one so wanted to write it here ha.

Was also begrudingly going to go with the Thielen over. Man I didn’t want to back that one purely due to relying on Young. But 70.5 is a bit too hefty. I could see that one going over but it’s one where I look at it and it is too much of a nailbiter to pull the trigger.

Tank Dell Over 63.5 Receiving Yards

Initially I was looking at Stroud over 272.5 passing yards. Bit of a hefty number, but against this defense I think he can pass that. But then if I have that sort of confidence in him, I figure I can look at his wide receivers and pick the best option for that as even if he falls short, there is a good chance the WR gets the over.

Dell has been slightly more popular than Nico, and that target share goes up against zone coverage which we should see the Jags do a lot of here. Honestly him, Nico and probably Schultz should rack up the yards. Dell is the one I am going with.

Unfortunately, that is literally the only play I am seeing this week.

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Author: Roy Jackson